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The Business Selling Process

Only 20% Of Listed Businesses Actually Get Sold

Yes, it's true. According to The International Business Brokers Association, only 20% of businesses that are listed actually get sold. And of that 20%, the average sale is only 70% of the list price.

So, why is the percentage of sale so low?
  • The business hasn't been properly valued. It's either underpriced or overpriced.

  • The business hasn't been properly packaged for sale and properly marketed.
The good news, though, is that you can greatly increase the likelihood of selling your business by engaging a Business Brokers Network affiliated professional business broker, like The Herold-Lambert Group.

Statistics show that 75% of businesses listed with a BBN Affiliated Broker with an Independent Third-Party Valuation actually sell. And of those that sell, the closing price on average is at least 90% of the asking price recommended in the third-party valuation.

Read how The Herold-Lambert Group's proven step-by-step process will bring qualified, motivated buyers to your table. And then call us today at 603.890.6628 for a solution-focused free initial consultation.

Our Step-by-Step Process For Selling Your Business

The Herold-Lambert Group is part of the Business Brokers Network of over 450 Brokers across the country who help each other match buyers to sellers. Over the past 23 years we've developed a step-by-step process to bring multiple buyers to the table and, ultimately, get you the best price while maintaining your confidentiality.

In this process we actively represent the seller's interests. Our responsibility is to get what you want.
Buyers Buy Profitable Businesses That Have Been Properly Prepared For Sale.

The Herold-Lambert Group:

1. Prepares the business for sale, packaging it to be most attractive to buyers.
  • The broker will interview the seller to collect all important information about the business and the industry. Historical marketing, operating and financial data are fully analyzed.

  • The broker prepares a Confidential Memorandum to organize and present all vital information about the business to qualified buyers. This professionally prepared document typically includes 10 to 20 pages of descriptive and financial information.
2. Assists in structuring price and terms.
  • Tax returns and financial statements are recasted to show the true performance and full economic value of the company. This process adjusts the assets to fair market value and adds back discretionary expenses.

  • A professional third-party appraisal is completed to determine the Fair Market Value of the business, and recommend terms and deal structure based on industry norms. This Market Value Analysis will substantiate and justify the purchase price to both buyers and lenders.
3. Matches the company to criteria in our extensive database of active qualified buyers.
  • Our database includes thousands of pre-qualified active business buyers.

  • Matches with reasonable degrees of variance bring forth buyers from across the country.

4. Engages in meaningful marketing activities to generate additional interest.
  • A Generic Profile of the business is used with various media to reach all potential buyers. Media used includes the internet, direct mail, newspapers, trade journals and other channels as appropriate for the business and industry.

  • This process attracts all types of buyers including individual buyer-operators, Corporate Acquirers and Private Equity Groups.
5. Interviews and qualifies all prospective buyers.
  • Prospective buyers are fully qualified to insure they have the managerial skills and financial resources to make the acquisition.

  • All buyers are required to sign a Confidentiality & Warranty Agreement before any information about the business is shared with them.
6. Receives offers with deposits.
  • The seller can accept, counter-offer or reject offers as appropriate.
7. Manages the closing process.
  • When the seller accepts an offer that meets their requirements, a time is scheduled for the buyer to examine the business (called the Due Diligence Process).

  • The closing date is established. To protect both the seller and buyer, a qualified attorney with transfer of ownership experience is retained to prepare the closing documents.


When you're serious about selling your business and want to get the best possible price, call Lou Pereira at 603.890.6628 or contact us directly via e-mail.


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